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Every Makemholler turkey call is grown, designed, and built in the very timber we hunt turkey in. Our good friends at Winell Lee selectively harvest, kiln dry, and mill all of our wood specifically for your turkey call.  They run a beautiful operation right up the road in Baxter, Tennessee, and always give us premium quality woods.  Our shop is at the top of a holler in Hartsville, Tennessee, and when tuning calls, we often call birds right to the front door of the shop.  Our springs are custom made in Kentucky and our hardware comes right out of Nashville, from Fasteners South. These guys have been amazing with helping us find exactly what we need in hardware.

All of this is coupled with the great work from TheWebSet, our site designer, and Evans Graphics, who does all of our custom graphic work and engraving.  Our calls carry with them a whole host of highly skilled and talented people.  We love the people we get to do this with and are confident you will love what they do.  Have a look and give a piece of Makemholler to someone you love.

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