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"Makemholler is exactly what we wanted to do when we started building turkey calls."

When we founded Makemholler we had one goal in mind; to build heirloom quality turkey calls.  Turkey calls worthy the carry with it's stories and memories of loved ones and epic hunts.  A call to be passed from father to son or mother to daughter for years to come.  These calls are gifts and we would hope that the first memory with every call is of the person that gave it to you.   With custom laser engraving and custom storage cases, we can produce a unique gift for the one you love that will surely MAKEMHOLLER!

GrandPa Webb - Alaskan Frontiersman 1903-1991

Every Makemholler turkey call is handcrafted with old world construction and instrument quality wood.  We hand tune each call

to give to the user a realistic raspy hen tone.  We are the only turkey call to offer the Resonator (a floated metal disk in the top) for added rasp and maturity.  Every call we build has an adjustable top with a steel threaded insert and bolt to allow the user to adjust  tone and action to every hunting scenario.  Good luck and enjoy.

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